Buy Dnp Payment Methods

 Payment Methods We Accept

 1. Western Union and MG

These 2 payment methods are the most well known instant money transfer options. They are easily done through a bank or any agent working with them. In most cases a receiver name and  country will be enough to complete a transfer. In rare cases you will be asked to provide more info on the receiver like an address and a phone number.

Besides a physical transfer, online transfer is an option with both of these methods in many countries. You will be required to register an account before sending funds. And like in all digital money actions a new account might have problems with sending payment. IF you open a new account andf use it for the first time , to have your transfer done in succession you might want to contact either WU or MG via phone and let them know that you want this transfer to go through and you confirm it.

For more info and to learn if online payment available in your country please visit 

 2. Bitcoin

One of the popular payments choice of late , its very easy to send and receive money . If you have never used before or do not have an e-wallet , you must have one ASAP . Not for our websites only but also for many many different websites and companies accept bitcoin . 

For desktop/notebook  Electrum is the best e-wallet out there which we use for ourselves as well for both receiving and sending payments. Its highly secure and very easy to setup .  Download at  and follow very easy setup . If you have issues just google it and you will find all the help easily . Very simple setup and you are good to go.  For more info on e-wallets

Following the setup all that's left is buying some bitcoin , from any famous bitcoin trade websites you can buy with your credit card .  Visit this link for good info on buying bitcoin with credit card

3. Transfer Wise

 Transfer Wise is the easiest and cheapest wire transfer system you can think of. You do not need to contact your bank or anyone. All process done by transferwise and your payment will be delivered to us without any problem. 

 And because we will be paid by transfer wise your bank or anyone will not see it as an international payment. Your bank will pay to transferwise in your country. And we get paid in our currency in the country. So no fuss over international money transfer and thus fees are much cheaper than regular wire transfer and THERE ARE NO HIDDEN FEES. Please log on to and create your account in seconds. For more info please go to