Dnp Training - How To Work Out



  • Never start your first cycle with an optimal dose. Always play it safe and start low.
  • Never use DNP if you’re going to be in a hot environment for an extended period of time.
  • Never take any diuretics while on DNP. This includes excessive alcohol. While mild diuretics like alcohol will make you much more uncomfortable and hotter, a harsh diuretic like lasix will kill you when taken with DNP.
  • If oral temperature rises to 103 then discontinue use until temp is completely down to normal.
  • Do not attempt to work out very intensely. When it’s hard to find the energy to go to work, don’t push yourself thinking you can get a good workout in. Long cardio sessions can be especially harmful for your health. It would also raise cortisol levels through the roof and will be very catabolic to muscle. Don’t sweat the cardio when on DNP because DNP will make you burn fat. Stay away from the treadmill!
  • If allergies arise take some allergy medication and if that isn’t strong enough then stop the doses for at least 10 days before restarting.
  • Watch your electrolytes. Carry a bottle of v8 juice with you. One 8-ounce serving of v8 has 900mg of potassium compared to 35mg of potassium in 8 ounces of Gatorade. Aim for 3000-5000mg of potassium (not all from v8) per day. Fresh meats and vegetables also have a lot of potassium in them. Sodium is very important too, but is usually not hard to get in the diet. Magnesium can be obtained from supplementation.
  • Hydration. I can’t emphasize this enough. Not only will proper hydration levels make you feel better and prevent overheating, but it will also make the cycle more effective at burning fat.


  • Antioxidants—one of the most effective will be the fat soluble vitamin E. I recommend 800 to 1000 iu of vitamin E per day of the cycle to combat the host of free radical damage caused by increased fat oxidation.
  • Glycerol—this can be important to help maintain muscle hydration and prevent catabolism. It comes in liquid and can be bought over the counter. Take 3-4 tablespoons per day.
  • Potassium citrate—if blood acidity becomes a problem then potassium citrate can help buffer the acid. About 2-3 grams will be very effective, but 1 gram will do the trick as well.
  • Ephedrine–this can cause increased mobilization of fatty acid from the adipose cells to get them into the blood where they will be used for energy and burned. In short, ephedrine puts the fat in a place where DNP can burn it.

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